The Burbank Water and Power Social Media Logo Template Guide was one of my last assignments before leaving my internship. I was tasked with curating a booklet that would explain to future interns, and even our Senior Graphic Designer at the utility, how to properly use the BWP Logo and its variations in relations to imagery that would be posted on social media pages and the website. I created graphics that were to emulate Adobe Photoshop artboards and proportionally created fake guides to visually explain the pixel placement of the logo. Then, I used stock imagery to demonstrate how the different logos could be used based on color, whilst remaining in their pre-determined spot on the artboard. Lastly, once my artboard graphics were complete, I inserted them into Adobe InDesign, where I laid out the rest of the guide with the instructions, using as usual, the BWP typeface and color scheme. This was an interesting project because it was my first time creating my own style guide at the company. Normally I would follow their pre-set style guide when completing tasks, but it was a nice change of pace to be responsible for creating an updated style guide for the designers to use in the future. This project was given to me because the Senior Graphic Designer noticed there were inconsistencies in past social media posts, and wanted to solve the issue so that all future posts would be more uniform. 
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